Saudi Arabia Considers Nuclear Weapons as Iran Threat Looms

Saudi Arabia’s minister of state for foreign affairs reportedly has said that the kingdom will consider developing its own nuclear weapon if Iran is not or cannot be stopped from making one.

“It’s definitely an option,” Adel al-Jubeir told the DPA news agency, according to several reports.

He also suggested that if Iran successfully builds a nuclear bomb, other countries in the Middle East would do the same.

“And Saudi Arabia has made it very clear, that it will do everything it can to protect its people and to protect its territories.”

Iran has sought the acquisition of nuclear weapons since shortly after the Islamic revolution of 1979 that overthrew Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, and brought the current regime to power. The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama said it had blunted Iran’s quest by agreeing to what was dubbed the “Iran nuclear deal” in 2015.

However, while the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action placed limits on Iran’s nuclear capabilities in exchange for the reduction of economic sanctions, it then removed them after 15 years.

President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement in 2018.

Al-Jubeir’s statement comes a day after Reuters reported that Trump reportedly requested options for attacking Iran’s main nuclear site last week.

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